CNC Shearing

  • Accurshear 625012 - ¼” X 12' with Conveyor Stacker System

1⁄4” X 12’ hydraulic power squaring shear with programmable 36” backgauge, 8’ squaring arm, auto flip up at full back position, low fixed rake angle, 19 hydraulic hold downs, dual front supports, ball transfers in table, 4-sided blades, and quick-adjust blade gap feature.

For over 30 years, the unique, American-built Accurshear design—coupled with high precision, spherical, self-aligning, maintenance-free bearings, zero clearance fitted on hard chrome shafts—have served to shear millions of pieces of metals in all types of shops from precision sheet metal to heavy plate fabricators. The North American built Accurshear is a combination of simplicity and strong, proven design. This heavy duty shear can tackle any application.

CNC Turret Punching

  • Murata 2558 w/Automation F1G1500 - 27-ton, 44-station
  • Strippet Parma 1225 - 18-ton, 21-station

The Murata 2558 machine allows for high production speeds with energy efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs while the Strippet Parma 1225's Hydraulic Ram technology delivers the highest punching rates of any punch press in its class, ensuring tight tolerances and consistent punching accuracy.

TTop is always on the lookout for more and better ways to increase the productivity of our sheet metal fabrication operations. We are equipped to offer turrent punching from shorter production runs and prototype production to very large jobs.

Fiber Laser Cutting

  • Murata LS3015FC 4k w/Automation (8 Shelf Stocker system– ½” Alum, S/S, Steel)

The LS3015FC Fiber Laser is a revolutionary, two-dimensional fiber laser that is designed for manufacturing operations that require high-precision cutting.

The Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser incorporates a fiber laser resonator from IPG, the world’s leading provider of high-powered fiber laser resonators and amplifiers. Delivering sheet metal processing speeds faster than similar models on the market, this machine is equipped with advanced technology to maximize cut quality, reliability, and productivity.

CNC Press Brake Forming

  • Diamond BH-18530 - 203 tons x 122"
  • Diamond BB-6013 - 60 tons x 51"
  • Safan 200-4100 – 220 tons x 161” All Electric
  • Safan B35-1250NS – 35 tons x 48”
  • Accurpress 725012 – 250 tons x 144”
  • Accurpress 71008 – 100 tons x 96”

These machines can bend simple and complex parts, and they are used in a variety of industries ranging from automotive and aircraft to housing and cabinets. We house a versatile range of electronic press brakes for the precise bending of sheet metal.


  • Davi MCA2017 Plate Roll – 6’ x 9/32”
  • Davi MCP-9 Angle Roll – 3x3x3/8”

Innovative and exclusive in design, to roll plate up to 10-15 mm (1/2 inch) thick, the Davi MCA2017 is the most high-tech light-guage plate roll available. The DAVI three roll MCP section roll was engineered to meet the requirements of very demanding customers who need to bend large and extra large dimension parts with very strict tolerances.

From aerospace to shipyard, from automotive to structural, engineers are designing solutions consisting of more sophisticated bent parts made out of hard material that can only be obtained by bending non-standard profiles at very tight diameters with strict tolerances.


  • HEM Saw VT100HLA-60TS Vertical Band Saw - 60° Miter Automatic L&R, 48” Stroke Automation, 18”x18” Work Capacity
  • HEM Saw Sidewinder Horizontal Band Saw – 45° Minter Manual, 24” Feed, 12”x12” Work Capacity

For over 50 years HE&M Saw has been the leader in new band saw technology, setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other band saw manufacturer in the world.

CNC Pipe Bending

  • HORN CNC130 TBRE-RBE – 5” Capacity Mandrel Bending

The HMT USA made line of tube benders are designed for heavy duty high production.

TTop offers high-quality tube bending using the Horn HMT USA-made CNC130, designed for low distortion, heavy duty, and high production.

Insertion Press

  • Haeger 824WT-4L

The Haeger 824WT-4L reduces part handing and part damage, and can be also customized to suit highly specialized applications.

Manual fastener insertion is a slow, monotonous job that often leads to part damage. The Haeger 824WT-4L allows for precise insertion and minimal part handling/damage, allowing TTop to deliver higher quality on a consistent basis.

CNC Router

  • Mulicam 3204R 18k RPM Spindle, 60x120 Table w/Vacuum Hold Down – ½” Alum, 1” Plastic

A high cut speed of 1,400 IPM and rapid traverse of 2,500 means no time is wasted when the 3000 Series cuts and moves. And we get consistently high accuracy with each cut because the 3000 Series CNC router comes with a repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch!

A CNC router produces consistent and high-quality work and improves factory productivity. Unlike a jig router, the CNC router can produce a one-off as effectively as repeated identical production. Automation and precision are the key benefits of CNC router tables. A CNC router can reduce waste, the frequency of errors, and the time the finished product takes to get to market.

Robotic Welding Cell

  • Fusion Arc 180, FD-V6

The FD-V6 is suitable for virtually all MIG, MAG, CO2 and TIG welding applications, and Air Plasma Cutting applications. The FD-V6 may be used for common materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, as well as other exotic metals.

In addition to our skilled in-house welders, we also utilize robotic welding with a set of mechanized programmable tools which completely automate the welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part.

Spot Welding

  • T.J. Snow Projection/Spot Welder, NM002404 – 27KVA with chiller

Designed to produce high welding forces without deflection, T. J. Snow’s heavy duty press-type resistance welders are best-in-class.

The T.J Snow Projection/Spot Welder rounds out TTop's wide range of welding capabilities.

Coming Mid-2019

  • Murata Fiber Laser LS3015GC 8k w/Automation

The Murata Fiber Laser LS3015GC maintains high quality, accuracy, and productivity with various materials. Its output control system MVHS can adjust within milliseconds acceleration and deceleration commands, which enables smooth pulse output to realize the highest quality cutting in the industry.